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Virtual Consultations Now Available

We all do so much online now. You can connect with loved ones across the country and around the world, research everything from restaurants, to real estate, to destination travel, and order any and everything you can think of (thanks, Amazon!). So, it makes sense that window treatment design is possible from your home computer, too.


You can now start your dream project with us online. Our sales consultants will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Using their expertise, they will help bring your vision to life.


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What does a virtual consultation look like at Santa Fe?

Step 1 - Contact Us-441  

Contact us either by phone, email or by filling out our contact form.

After our initial conversation, we will send you an email outlining what you need to do to prepare for your virtual consultation.

Step2 - Photo and measure-204  

We will ask that you email us photos and measurements of each window you are looking to upgrade. If you have several windows similar in size, you only need to measure one.

We will provide a worksheet to help record your measurements.

Please email photos/measurements to

If you do not have a tape measure, that is OK, we can still talk through design.

Step 3 - Consultation-14  

You and your sales consultant will connect online by phone or video call on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer for your virtual consultation.

Step 4 - Share Ideas-New-486  

You will collaborate with your sales consultant on your vision for your window treatments and discuss the best design for your needs. Next, your sales consultant will review your measurements (if taken previously), or together with you, will measure your windows. Finally, we will help you narrow down options to be customised just for you. 

Step 5 - Your Quote-14  

Based on your discussions and the measurements you sent, we will supply a quote for your shutters or blinds. By accepting and paying your deposit during the lockdown period, you will be eligible for a 20% discount. (Note- if the measurements or fabric types you choose at your final consultation varies, the price will change)

Step 6 - Final Measure-444  

Once we are past the level 4 lockdown stage, we will make an appointment to visit your home to complete a final measure and select your colours and fabrics. 

Our in-home consultants have all completed a COVID safety course. You will be emailed a copy of their certificate prior to the final appointment.

At this time, we expect that we will still be conforming to Level 3 guidelines of maintaining a social distance and having no direct contact. We will ask you a series of questions to ensure that your home is safe for them to visit.

The sales consultant will have 2 masks, one for you and one for them. They will have used hand sanitiser before entering the home. They will arrive with sanitised samples and will wipe down all surfaces they touch with Dettol spray.

You can choose to be in the home or on the deck while they measure.