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Thermacell PDF sample

Thermacell Blinds

Insulating Cellular Blinds

This attractive, flexible, innovative blind is a top seller in stylish homes around the world. Its popularity throughout Europe, America, and New Zealand is based not only on its exceptional looks but the insulating properties it offers you.

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Interior Shutters

Interior Elegance

The Santa Fe Interior Range of shutters provides an elegant functional window covering that brings the outside in, or shuts it out depending on your mood.

Louvre PDF sample

Louvre Curtains

Classy, Elegant and Sophisticated

Louvre Curtains add class, elegance and sophistication to any room. Being both versatile and practical you have full control over light and privacy levels as the fabric louvres rotate up to 180 degrees.

Motorised PDF sample

Motorised Blinds

Get Connected with Motorisation

Control your interior blinds using a remote control, tablet, smartphone or voice activated assistant. You choose!

PerfectSheer PDF sample

Perfect Sheer Blinds

Sleek and Elegant

PerfectSheer diffuses or redirects the natural light that enters your home. These blinds feature sheer fabric facings and gently curved vanes. We offer many different colours, so you can find something that will look amazing in your home.

Roller PDF sample

Roller Blinds

Functional and Stylish

Santa Fe’s collection of roller blinds are an extremely stylish window solution and are the height of fashion at the moment. They are one of the oldest types of blinds but have made a huge comeback with the modern fabrics that are now available.

Shaped PDF sample

Shaped Shutters

Make a Statement

Shaped windows come in many sizes and styles, from angled and arched to circular and triangular. They’re an expression of our personal taste and once you’ve chosen the style for your home you’ll want to celebrate your individuality, not cover it up in an ill-fitting and bulky curtain fabric.

Venetian PDF sample

Venetian Blinds

Light Control For Every Room

Naturally elegant, these beautifully finished Venetian blinds are a very effective window dressing. Venetian blinds offer so much versatility for control of light, privacy, airflow, and filtering of harsh UV.