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Interior Shutters

Learn about interiors shutters from Santa Fe Shutters and get your free copy of the Shutter & Blind Guide.

Child Safe Roller Blinds

Learn about the child safe features, designer fabrics and motorisation options for the Santa Fe Roller Blind collection.

Insulating Honeycomb Blinds

Insulating honeycomb blinds help to create a warmer drier family home.

Santa Fe Thermacell Blinds

Did you know most heat loss in homes happens through your windows? 

Norman Videos

Norman Shutters

For over 40 years Norman has been committed to excellence in design and manufacturing of window coverings.
PerfectTilt™ G4 Shutter Motorization
PerfectTilt™ G4. Home Automation with Flair. Shutter motorisation designed to work alongside you.

Norman Shaped Shutters

Norman brand custom shaped shutters made with earth friendly sustainable wood for breathtaking patterns of lines and curves.
Norman® DayNite™ Shutters
Norman® DayNite™ Shutters. The honeycomb shade in DayNite™ Shutters significantly calm and darken your room, Combined with the Norman shutter, you create a virtually blackout room. Perfect for bedrooms, home theater, or anywhere light control needed.

Norman SmartDrape

Norman SmartDrape is an innovative solution that creates the space once not possible. SmartDrape brings a new level of living.

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