Interior Shutters

Choosing Your Perfect Santa Fe Shutter is Easy.

Explore the possibilities! The Santa Fe shutter range by Norman are custom crafted for timeless quality and perfection. From frame to hardware, louvre, to finish – each Santa Fe Norman Shutter is made to suit your vision perfectly.

Wood Types

Santa Fe is proud to carry Norman brand shutters. From Woodlore, Norman’s most cost effective solution to Ultra, Norman’s flagship product, Santa Fe can customise shutters to suit just about any style, colour, shape, size, function and budget.


Woodlore resists peeling, cracking, chipping and yellowing making it a popular choice for many NZ homeowners.

Woodlore Plus

Woodlore Plus is a hybrid shutter utilising a lightweight yet durable ABS for its louvres, a material often used in high-endurance applications such as appliances, car parts and helmets.

Woodlore Waterproof

Designed specifically for wet areas around the home, Woodlore Plus Waterproof remains amazingly lightweight and achieves the perfect balance between beauty, strength and durability.


The Normandy shutter is made from 100% premium hardwood, finished with a range of speciality paint or stain colours. The stains showcase the wood’s unique natural beauty and luxury.


The Ultra shutter, Norman’s flagship wood shutter is made from premium eco-friendly hardwood. The Norman Ultra shutter represents the ultimate in innovation and craftsmanship.

Shutter Styles

Shaped Shutters

Custom made solutions to suit every window in your home.

Sliding Shutters

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, these are a great option to cover wider doors or divide two rooms.

Bi-Fold Shutters

Offer flexible window and door coverings for your home with either our floating, fixed 90 degree or 180 degree options.

Hinged Shutters

Give yourself more control of the shutters in your home.

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Interior Shutter Galleries

Be inspired and see how shutters can enhance every room in your home

Bedroom Shutters

Shutters in your bedroom add warmth and comfort combined with privacy and light control options.

Bathroom Shutters

Give your bathroom or ensuite a makeover with new shutters and change the entire feel of the room.

Lounge Shutters

Shutters are the perfect functional accent to the living areas in your home.

Kitchen / Dining Shutters

Make a statement in the heart of your home  with light,  bright and functional shutters.

Proud to Partner With Norman

Norman Shutters and blinds have over 40 years of excellence in crafting fine window furnishings. They farm their own wood, make their own components and weave their own cords. Norman strives to exceed the highest industry standards and leads the industry in quality, service, selection and value. Santa Fe Shutters and Blinds are proud to be the exclusive shutters and blinds supplier of Norman.

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Louvre Sizes

In New Zealand, our most popular louvre sizes are the 76mm and 89mm. The smaller 63mm is still used in smaller Villa or Bungalow windows when you are wanting to achieve a more colonial look.

The wider louvre size creates a larger gap between each louvre and therefore allows more visibility out to the view and more light inside the home.

At your in-home consultation we will have a selection of shutters with different louvre sizes that we can place in your window which will allow you to visualise the finished product in your own home. 

Shutter size 47mm


Shutter size 63mm


Shutter size 63mm


Shutter size 89mm


Shutter size 114mm


Tilt Controls

You can choose from Invisible Tilt (hidden tilt control), Center Tilt Control, Offset Tilt Control, or PerfectTilt Motorisation. In New Zealand, the most popular tilt control is the Invisible Tilt. Watch the Invisible Tilt video.

Perfect tilt invisible split

Invisible Tilt

The louvres are controlled with a rack and pinion system that is hidden inside the stile of the shutter. This creates a very clean and streamlined appearance that suits any style of home.
Center tilt shutters

Center Tilt

This is the traditional type of tilt control that you would see in earlier shutter styles. The tilt bar is attached to the louvres with stainless staples in the center of the shutter and you can operate all of the louvres by lifting the tilt bar up and down.
Offset tilt shutters

Offset Tilt

The offset tilt bar is position to the side of the shutter. You may choose this style if your preference is to operate your shutters with a tilt bar rather than by turning the louvre but still want to achieve a minimalistic look.
Perfect tilt invisible split

Split Tilt

When the shutter is over 1400mm high with the Invisible Tilt control, then the louvres will operate in two separate sets. This allows you to create varying levels of privacy and light control. At your in-home consultation, we will work with you to decide on the optimal height for the tilt split.
Midrail tilt shutters


A midrail is used for two purposes. It will allow you to split the shutter into two blade operations to control privacy and light and It will add structural stability to taller shutters. It will be normally be positioned in line with any horizontal transoms in your window joinery.
Perfect tilt invisible split

PerfectTilt Motorisation

When ordering shutters with PerfectTilt motorisation, the shutters will look the same from the front as the Invisible Tilt, however, there will be battery operated motor unit rebated into the back of the stile. You will use a remote control or your iPhone to open and close the louvres.
Perfect tilt with motor example

PerfectTilt™ Motorised Shutters By Norman

Home Automation with Flair

Put the power to command your motorised shutters in the palm of your hands. Control a single shutter, a room of shutter or every shutter in your home – exactly how you want it. 

Through extensive testing and R&D, Norman have used all the modern day technology available to create PerfectTilt Shutter Motorisation. This slimline rechargeable motor is installed into the back of the shutter stile. When looking at the front of the shutter you cannot see a visible difference.

PerfectTilt allows the flexibility to operate the louvres with your remote control or to simply hand tilt without changing any settings. There is no need to flip any extra switches or take any extra steps. The built-in child and pet safe sensor will stop louvre rotation when an obstruction is detected.

You can also connect a Norman Hub to your modem, download the PerfectTilt App and then control your shutters from anywhere in the world via your iPhone/iPad. The optional repeater increases signal range for reliable control on large homes.

Each shutter also includes a solar panel to extend battery life for the ultimate in energy efficiency. 

  • Quick response to tilt commands
  • iPhone and iPad control with hub (optional)
  • 8 pre-programmed louvre positions and one custom position with remote
  • Over 30 customer louvre positions with dial
  • Louvres can be tilted by hand, remote or app (via hub) without the need for flipping switches nor the risk of damage because of incorrect switch settings
  • Two long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries per module unit last up to 1 year on a single change via USB port
  • High efficiency solar panel included for extending battery charge
  • Built-in jam protection for child and pet safety

Watch The PerfectTilt Motorised Shutter Video