Thermacell Honeycomb Insulating Blinds

Let quality cellular honeycomb shades illuminate your home. This attractive, flexible, innovative blind is a top seller in stylish homes around the world. Its popularity throughout Europe, America and New Zealand is based not only on its exceptional looks, but also the insulating properties it offers.

The Santa Fe Thermacell Blind Range offers over 70 colours, 5 cell sizes, 3 fabric opacities and a multitude of lifting systems.

With the child-safe cordless and motorised options plus award-winning solutions such as SmartFit, Sliding and Cordless Top-Down/Bottom Up, Thermacell Blinds offer a stylish answer for any lifestyle or light control requirement you may have. They look, feel and perform like no other window covering option.

Windows represent gateways through which surprising amounts of energy for heating and cooling the room can be lost. The pockets of our unique cellular fabrics create a layer of insulation, for substantial energy savings and protection against energy loss. Compared to single glazing alone a Thermacell Blind can reduce your heat loss through your windows and doors by up to 60%.

Opacities range from sheer or light filtering to room darkening. Sheer fabrics are perfect for day and night shades where you have the flexibility of a light sheer during the day and a room darkening fabric for extra light and privacy control at night.


Features & Benefits

If you are looking for products that combine convenience, safety and style, look no further than our range of cordless, childsafe and motorised options.

Energy Savings

Utilising unique Honeycomb design and advanced materials, Thermacell Blinds provide you with superior insulation of your windows. Find out more about saving energy by installing these innovative blinds to keep the heat in during winter and out during summer.

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SmartRise™ Cordless​

You can raise and lower the shade effortlessly with the help of our SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System. The shade is child-friendly because it is cordless and self-levelling.

Smart Fit Sloped for Skylights

The perfect skylight blind to minimise heat loss in winter, heat gain in summer and prevent UV damage to carpets and furniture. Can be installed flat in a ceiling or at any angle you require.

Norman Smart Motorisation

With Norman Smart motorisation you can adjust the position of your blinds by using an intuitive remote control without leaving the comfort of your sofa. The internal battery can be charged with our award winning Recharging Pole to ensure reliable and trouble free performance for years to come. 

Smart Fit

Our award-winning cordless shade effortlessly adjusts from top to bottom. Say goodbye to unsightly dangling cords in the centre, and enjoy uninterrupted views and reduced light light leakage.

Sliding Thermacell for Patio Doors

This sliding design is the perfect solution to add colour, style and insulation to large patio doors.  The clean compact design makes it a great choice for ranchsliders in small apartments.  It is also the perfect way to section off two open plan rooms.

Filter Options

Choose from three levels of opacity for your honeycomb fabrics: sheer, light filtering, or room darkening. Whether you prefer to block light out completely when you close your blinds, like a sheer, see-through look, or something in between, we have a honeycomb blind for you.


Sheer fabrics offer a soft and natural view of the outside and allow 49.9% of UV light to enter.


Light-filtering fabrics let in some gentle light and reduce UV exposure by 90%.

Room Darkening

Room darkening fabrics block out up to 100% of UV light and create a cosy and peaceful atmosphere.

70-Plus Colours and Materials

These are some examples of our colours. Keep in mind that digital screens may alter how they look. To see our samples in person, come to our showroom or ask for a free measure and quote.

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