Thermacell Energy Saving Benefits

In winter indoor heat will escape through your windows. If you have an insulated house, you can lose upwards of 45% of your heat through your windows.

So how does this work – well cool air is denser (heavier) than warm air. When it’s cold outside, the inside air close to a window pane is cooled and tends to sink. As this cooled air sinks, it gets replaced by warmer air from other areas of the room. This creates a circulating air current that cools the room. This is why you feel like there are cool draughts in a room even though you have the doors and windows closed.

This shows the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to your curtains or blinds, the right window coverings can save two-thirds of the heat lost through your windows.

Thermacell Blinds combat this heat loss in 2 distinct ways. Firstly they fit tightly into your window with no gap at either the top or bottom and only a 3-4mm gap at each side. This prevents the circulating current described above from being able to start as the air cannot be moved close to the window. Curtains with gaps at the top and bottom or roller blinds with gaps on all sides of up to 20mm do not seal your windows in the same way.

The second feature is the Honeycomb design. Still air is an excellent insulator. With a Thermacell Blind you trap a layer of still air between the glass and the blind and then another still layer of air within the honeycomb fabric. If you choose a Double Cell then you have 2 still layers of air in the fabric and if you select a Room Darkening Fabric you get the additional silver lining in the fabric that also reflects the heat back into the room.

Consumer NZ tested various curtains and blinds as can be seen in this report and showed that Honeycomb blinds are the best blinds to prevent heat loss through windows and doors in winter –

As well as keeping your home warmer in winter you can also use Thermacell Blinds to prevent heat gain in summer and reduce your energy bills running fans and air conditioners.
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