A modern and unique window covering for any room in your home.

The Santa Fe SmartDrape™ is a versatile and unique window covering that offers the elegant, sophisticated look of curtains and the privacy of blinds.

You simply turn the colour co-ordinated wand to rotate the fabric vanes and transition the shade from a sheer shade that gives subtle light filtering and partial privacy to a solid shade.

Setting your shades to “open”, you will be able to view the sheer side which comes in a variety of patterns, while granting you a clearer view of the outside and better illumination.

Rotate your shades to “closed” and you will activate the light filtering or room darkening capabilities, while still having the option to walk through the vanes as needed. If you would like your doors open and clear of the drape then you simply pull the wand along the track to stack the drape to the side. It is available in both Light Filter and Room Darkening fabrics.

The Light-filter is great to use in your living areas and then the Room Darkening can be installed in the Bedrooms. The drape does not provide a complete light block and if you need a very dark room then you may want to add a Blackout Roller in behind the shade.

When you install curtains with a Sheer and a Blackout on 2 tracks the bulkiness can make your room look & feel smaller. The Smart Drape makes the room feel larger because it is soft and flowing and only needs one track to give you all the options of privacy, light filtering or room darkening.

Features & Benefits

If you are looking for a flexible, child safe window covering that echoes the best design features of an S-Fold curtain whilst providing the utmost in privacy and light control then look no further than the Santa Fe SmartDrape™

Child Safe

The award winning SmartDrape™ is certified “Best for Kids”. It is completely free of any dangling cords that can be a harmful risk to young children and pets.
With the added feature of a child or pet just being able to walk through the shade when it is across the ranch slider or bifold door then this drape will give you total peace of mind.

Easy Operation

Go from sheer to solid fabric with a simple twist of the wand and then open or close the shade by sliding the wand along the track. The wand is very light to operate which means this is easy for elderly people to make the change from daytime to night time without having to drag a heavy curtain across the window or door.

Walk Through Vanes

SmartDrape’s innovative individual vane construction allows for you to walk through unimpeded even when the shade is closed. This allows you to maintain your privacy while you still walk in and out to your patio or garden.

Solution For Wide Doors & Windows

A SmartDrape™ can handle the widest of all applications. A single shade can be 6 meters wide and pull to either the left or right. If you butt 2 shades together then you can cover 12 metres and the shades will pull left and right.

Modern Track

Modern Track Shade In 5 Colours

The track has a modern square profile. The track can be fitted direct to the ceiling, into a recess or above the jamp using the colour co-ordinated bracket. The wand is colour co-cordniated to the track and bracket colour. The colours are Matte Silver, Black, Light Bronze, Cottage White and White.

Remove Vanes to Wash or Replace

The vanes are very easy to un-clip and then clip back in.  You can remove the vanes and wash in a delicate laundry bag in the washing machine and then re-hang. If one or several vanes get damaged in any way you can order new ones and simply remove the damaged vane and clip in the new one.

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