Roller Blinds

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Contemporary, stylish and functional, roller blinds add a touch of class to every home. Roller blinds are an extremely stylish window solution featuring modern fabrics and a wide range of colours and patterns.

At Santa Fe we carry a wide range of roller blind fabrics from a variety of suppliers to bring you the best selection of colours, textures, designs and prices that fit both your style and budget.

Our range of roller blind fabrics include full privacy, blockout and partial privacy with various degrees of light-filtering. We also offer a variety of control systems from standard chains to full motorisation.

Motorisation is a great option for both child safety and convenience of use.  If you are still building then we can work with you and your electrician so that your blinds can be hardwired and have a continuous power supply.

If however you have already completed your renovation, then we can retrofit Battery Powered Motorised Blinds.  These have rechargeable batteries and with modern technology you will only need to recharge these every 12 – 18 months.


Features & Benefits

Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorising your Roller Blinds gives you complete control over your window furnishings at the touch of a button. This can be a wall mounted switch, a remote, an app on your phone or you can even ask Alexa to lower your blinds. Modern Battery Motors are cost effective and can be installed in any home or office.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds have much to offer in terms of both appearance and flexibility. Lowering the Blockout Blind preserves your sleep cycle by blocking out the light, while the Sunfilter Blind softens the light entering your home giving you unmatched UV Protection & Privacy control.

Patterns and Colours

In recent years, there’s been a trend towards pared back furnishings and neutral colour palettes. While this minimalist approach is classic in appearance, it can be less than exciting to look at. If you’re willing to buck the trend and try something different, our collection of coloured and patterned blinds is the perfect choice.

Cassettes and Pelmets

A wide variety of Aluminium powdercoated or fabric covered Pelmets and Cassettes are available to achieve a premium finish on your Roller Blinds. When combined with Side Channels you can fully block the light coming into a room. Great for Media Rooms and Bedrooms.

Child Safety

Santa Fe are committed to supply & install Roller Blinds that meet Child Safety standards. All Rollers with chains are installed with Chain Tensioners to prevent the chain being pulled away from the wall by a child. The safest blind is a motorised blind with no cords.

Master Bedroom in Auckland

Rollers & Curtains

Combining the softness of a Sheer Curtain with a Blockout Roller Blind is the perfect combination for a bedroom. Fitting the roller blind inside the window for room darkening instead of a double track with a bulky lining creates a feeling of lightness in the room.

Filter Options

Customize Your View by Choosing the Correct Fabric Option

There are 3 main fabric type available in Roller Blind Fabrics. Each type can be used on its own or combined with each other in Dual Roller Blinds


Sunfilter fabrics have earned their popularity by keeping the glare of the sun out and allowing light in.  While they effectively block heat and UV, they do not completely block your view.  At night with the light on, someone outside your home will see in through a sunfilter blind.  Sunfilter blinds are incredibly durable and easy to clean. 


Lighfilter fabrics fall between sunfilter and blockout blinds. They have a higher degree of light diffusion than sunfilter fabrics while allowing light into the room creating a lovely soft light tone. You cannot see out through these fabrics during the day and at night anyone outside would only see a slight shadow effect if you were close to the window. 


Blockout blinds provide you with evening privacy and will block the sun out during the day. The majority of the blockout fabrics have a backing that increases the thermal efficiency of the fabric. This white backing allows you to vary the colours of the blinds in different rooms to match your décor while maintaining a uniform look on the outside. 

1400 Plus Colours and Textures

We have access to over 120 different fabrics collections that comprise 10 to 15 fabrics in each collection. This means that you can choose from the lastest colour trends, textures, patterns and opacities to ensure that you can choose a fabric that will always compliment the decor of your home.

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