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Visiting Our Showrooms

When you arrive at our showroom, we would love to shake your hand but we wont. We will maintain at least 1 metre apart. While visiting us in the showroom, we will wear gloves when handling samples and take all of your details for contact tracking. 
We will also wipe down the entire showroom between customer visits.

If you are unwell, please give us a call rather than visiting our showroom. We will talk you through your requirements or we are happy to conduct a virtual showroom visit. 

Please read through the steps below that outline the COVID-19 Safe protocols we have in place.

computer training screen-Gold  


All staff have completed an online training course with the health and safety company Your Home Your Safety.  



All staff have been issued thermometers and will check their temperature every morning and at mid-day.  

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Following expert advice, we have implemented cleaning regimes, using strict hand cleaning and sanitising practices for our staff to implement in our showrooms. The showrooms will be cleaned in between each customer visit with anti-bacterial soap, water, commercial grade hand sanitiser, disinfectant spray effective against 99.9% of viruses and germs, single use wipes, disposable gloves and bags for sealing and disposal of cleaning materials. 

Gloves- Gold  


Our staff will be equipped with gloves and will ask that as you handle the samples that you wear the gloves.

Social Distancing - gold  


We will maintain a social distance of  1 metre during your visit to the showroom.