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Venetian Blinds

Naturally elegant, these beautifully finished Contemporary venetian blinds are crafted from sustainably grown forest hardwoods and are available in an expansive range of painted, washed and stained fashion colours. 

The Contemporary venetian blinds are available with either a routless slat or decorative tapes.  The routless blind has no holes in the middle of the slats.  Or choose decorative fabric tape which hides the ladder strings.  Either option results in better light block, ideal for those that are sensitive to light.  With headrail systems and bottom rails that sit snuggly on your bottom window sill to close out early morning light they offer something more. Our Contemporary Venetians give better closure than standard venetian blinds however they should never be considered as a total light block as you will always get light on the side of the blind and between the slats.  Unlike shutters, venetian slats are designed to be closed down and when closed up there can be gaps between the lower slats.  They provide a lovely effect in the room and at the same time keep out sunlight and the harmful effects UV can have on valuable furnishings and floor coverings. 

The Sunrise Venetian Blinds are available in Basswood or cost effective PVC and Aluminium.  Made to measure these blinds are an affordable window dressing for any room.

The Santa Fe range of Venetian blinds have the added advantage with being fitted with a unique safety break away tassel, reducing the risk of injury from blind cords to your family.
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The slat widths offered are 50mm and 63mm. Lovely in any style of home, venetian blinds are a very versatile window dressing.

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