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Use Shutters Not Curtains

Use Shutters Not Curtains
There is extensive information about insulating walls, ceilings and floors to ensure that your winter heating is more effective, however studies show that glazing is often the weakest link when it comes to winter heat loss.  Between 21-30% of heat loss is through windows as the heat moves towards the cold.  As the heat reaches the window it cools, falls to the floor and then creates a cold draught as this air circulates back into the room. 
Shutters Creating a Healthier Home
Well insulated homes are healthier for the family.  It is a well-known fact that a lot of heat can escape through windows.  A tight fitting window covering reduces winter heat loss through windows by trapping a layer of insulating air between the window and the room.  Shutters are very effective, reducing heat loss through a window by up to 30% when installed in a tight fitting frame.  This saves you money through lower energy bills while creating a warmer, healthier and more comfortable home for your family. During the warmer months shutters keep the heat out, creating a cooler home in summer.

The Santa Fe contemporary range of interior shutters can be installed inside most existing windows, whether in a new home or one being renovated.  Each shutter is custom designed to ensure best fit and to suit the look you want to achieve for the room. Shutters can be made to slide, hinge or bifold depending on how you want to use them.   Shutters are the ultimate in style and versatility, allowing you to control privacy levels by simply adjusting the shutter so your neighbours cannot see in.  This adjustability also allows you to regulate the airflow, light and UV rays coming into your room, offering protection for your furnishings from the harsh sun.  Clever framing systems enhance the aesthetics of the shutters while also helping block heat loss through your windows, providing a real benefit over the colder winter months by improving window insulation, creating a warmer home for your family.