Woodlore Plus Waterproof Shutters

Designed specifically for wet areas around the home.
Woodlore waterproof shutters

Woodlore Plus Waterproof remains amazingly lightweight and achieves the perfect balance between beauty, strength and durability.

Also, if you have specific windows that you like to keep open for ventilation 24/7 this program will endure the unexpected shower of rain or constant moist sea breeze.

  • 100% made from lightweight and hardwearing ABS
  • Fully waterproof panels and frames suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries
  • Stainless steel hardware which won’t rust or corrode
  • Same great look and features as Woodlore Plus
  • Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option
  • Perfect for busy family lifestyles where knocks and bumps are likely to occur
  • Available in 26  solid painted colours and can also be ordered in Custom paint in any Resene, Dulux, or Aalto colour of your choice (surcharge applies)
  • Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

Available Woodlore Waterproof Plus Colours

*Actual colours may differ from website display colours

Pure white colour

001 Pure White

Extra white colour

002 Extra White

Silk white colour

003 Silk White

Bright white colour

004 Bright White

Pearl colour

006 Pearl

Ivory lace colour

007 Ivory Lace

Creamy colour

009 Creamy

Crisp linen colour

012 Crisp Linen

String colour

019 String

Sea mist colour

032 Sea Mist

Hall grey colour

042 Hall Grey

Elephant air colour

045 Elephant Air

Ice colour

046 Ice

Frost colour

054 Frost

Silverleaf colour

059 Silverleaf

Decorators white colour

063 Decorators

Winchester colour

066 Winchester

Mattingly colour

072 Mattingly

Sky grey colour

073 Sky Grey

Element grey colour

074 Element Grey

Storm grey colour

075 Storm Grey

076 Aura White

076 Aura White

Taupe grey colour

080 Taupe Grey

Colour swatch

Custom Colour

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