Sliding Shutters

Interior Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are a great way to create a sense of space
and maximise your light, whilst covering any of your larger doors and windows.

When the bulky grey curtains were removed in the bedroom
shown on the left, the room felt twice as big. The shutters slide to the left to allow the ranch slider to be opened or to the right to allow the window to be opened.  There is nothing better than sleeping in here in summer with the ranch slider open and the shutter closed allowing natural cooling airflow into
the room.

Plus there is the added benefit that by just tilting the
blades a little you stop the UV damaging your bedlinen and you retain your privacy.

You can install the sliding shutters to slide back and forth
across an opening or with tracks the full width of your room they can also slide along the wall to clear the door.

All of these options can be discussed at your In-Home Design


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