Normandy Shutters

Natural beauty of premium hardwood.
Normandy window shutters

There is nothing quite like the beauty and feel of solid wood furnishings in your home. The Normandy Shutter is made from a variety of solid timbers sources from sustainably managed hardwoods forests and plantations.

If you choose a stain finish then the shutters will be manufactured from Phoenixwood which offers a rich natural grain showing both depth and character. Phoenixwood also offers one of the highest strength to weight ratios among all types of wood and non-wood shutters.

All Normandy hardwoods are prescription wood conditioned for long term stability in service. There is nothing quite like the natural elegance of Normandy premium hardwood shutters.

  • 100% premium hardwood shutter, luxurious timber grain and durable
  • Sustainably sourced from well managed hardwood forests and tree plantations
  • Available in 51 stunning paint and stain colours plus custom colour options
  • Multiple hand sanding and finishing for the finest crafted furniture finish
  • Wider panel options (1095mm) to create more open views and installation options
  • Utilizes wood’s natural elegance, excellent strength to weight ratio and insulation properties
  • Featuring the invisible Easy Tilt drive option
  • Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
  • Wide range of special shapes and options available

Available Normandy Colours

*Actual colours may differ from website display colours

Pure white colour

001 Pure White

Extra white colour

002 Extra White

Silk white colour

003 Silk White

Bright white colour

004 Bright White

Pearl colour

006 Pearl

Ivory lace colour

007 Ivory Lace

Creamy colour

009 Creamy

Crisp linen colour

012 Crisp Linen

String colour

019 String

Sea mist colour

032 Sea Mist

Hall grey colour

042 Hall Grey

Elephant air colour

045 Elephant Air

Ice colour

046 Ice

Frost colour

054 Frost

Silverleaf colour

059 Silverleaf

Decorators white colour

063 Decorators

Winchester colour

066 Winchester

Mattingly colour

072 Mattingly

Sky grey colour

073 Sky Grey

Element grey colour

074 Element Grey

Storm grey colour

075 Storm Grey

076 Aura White

076 Aura White

Taupe grey colour

080 Taupe Grey

Colour swatch

Custom Colour

Available Stained Slat Colours

*Actual stains may differ slightly from website display stains

Limed white stain

108 Limed White

Mist stain

256 Mist

Pebble stain

111 Pebble

Driftwood stain

254 Driftwood

Silver grey stain

255 Silver Grey

New ebony stain

220 New Ebony

Weathered teak stain

109 Weathered Teak

Rustic grey stain

108 Rustic Grey

Goldenrod stain

205 Goldenrod

Natural stain

200 Natural

Golden oak stain

202 Golden Oak

French oak stain

862 French Oak

Red oak stain

227 Red Oak

Auburn stain

242 Auburn

Dark teak stain

212 Dark Teak

Rich walnut stain

229 Rich Walnut

Pretzel stain

248 Pretzel

Old teak stain

230 Old Teak

Cordovan stain

215 Cordovan

Toffee stain

252 Toffee

Sumatra stain

250 Sumatra

Wenge stain

237 Wenge

Black walnut stain

221 Black Walnut

matte black stain sample

246 Matte Black

Custom stain

Custom Stain

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