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Taking Care of You & Taking Care of Us

Measuring & Installing In Your Home

When we arrive at your doorstep  we may not be able to shake your hand or leaf through samples at the kitchen table but we will make sure that we will be looking after you and looking after us during the time we are measuring in your home. 

Prior to booking the consultation we will complete a household health check with you and will be recording Contract Tracing throughout our day.

Please read through the steps below that outline the COVID-19 Safe protocols we have in place.

computer training screen-Gold  


All staff have completed an online training course with the health and safety company Your Home Your Safety.  They will email their certificate at the time they make your appointment.



All staff have been issued thermometers and will check their temperature every morning and at mid-day. They have been advised to not to book quotes, measures or installations if they are feeling unwell. If you are scheduled to meet with one of our staff members who is feeling unwell, we will book you with another sales consultant or installer at your earliest convenience. 

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Following expert advice, we have implemented cleaning regimes, using strict hand cleaning and sanitising practices for our staff entering your home. All vehicles are equipped with kits containing anti-bacterial soap, water, commercial grade hand sanitiser, disinfectant spray effective against 99.9% of viruses and germs, single use wipes, disposable gloves and bags for sealing and disposal of cleaning materials. All mobile staff will use these as they leave one home and before they enter another to ensure their hands are clean at all time. 

Gloves and Mask - Gold  


Our staff will be equipped with 2 masks, one for them and one for you (it will be your choice to wear this). They will also have gloves and will ask that as you handle the samples that you wear the gloves.

Disinfectant - Gold  


We are taking extra steps to ensure we leave your home as “virus free” as we found it. We will sanitise any surface we are in contact with after we complete your measure or installation with a new Chux cloth and strong disinfectant product. Please let us know if you have any aversion to us using these products in your home. Our staff are equipped with kits to complete this process.

Social Distancing - gold  


While we are in your home, we will maintain a social distance of 2 metres while we are confirming any details for your order. When we are measuring or installing, we would ask that you and your family are in a separate room at all times.

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If it is important to you that we touch as few of your ornaments and furniture as we can, then please consider moving these items away from any windows where we will be measuring or installing.


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