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Santa Fe started business in Tauranga New Zealand in the late nineties. The idea of a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of superb shutters was the brainchild of an entrepreneurial husband and wife building team, who quickly earned a sound reputation by doing two things very well.

Firstly they picked a truly great product to make and sell, and secondly, they chose a great name – Santa Fe Shutters Limited, which is now one of New Zealand’s well known brands. (You’ll see us in the top quality design magazines, like New Zealand House and Garden Magazine).

In 2002, Paul & Gail Christie bought the company and set about turning it into the customer-driven business it is today. For the new owners, the early times were hectic, with a huge learning curve as they worked hard to understand all the intricacies of shutter manufacturing and installations.   

The company has since developed rapidly with significant growth generated from the expansion into the Auckland market. 2011 has also seen Santa Fe strengthen its national reach with a new Christchurch based showroom, office and sales team. Availability of products for the rebuild of Christchurch is going to be critical and Santa Fe will contribute to servicing this commercial need.

Today, Gail Christie is the Operations Director of Santa Fe and recognised by many within the building industry as a valuable source of information on expert shutter design and installation. She is in daily contact with architects, interior designers, agents and residential customers helping them to come up with the best most cost efficient designs and installation systems.

Fellow director, Paul Christie has a strong background in the forest industry, mainly in the timber heartland of Rotorua. He looks after the company’s strategic growth and makes sure the teamwork is there to provide the services needed.

We look forward to working with you.

Paul & Gail Christie